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Join us for 12 days of the most acclaimed international cinema about global social change.
Harnessing the transformative power of film, this year’s programme is brimming with stories of individuals and communities whose very resilience, tenacity and hope are radical acts of defiance.

With concepts of truth and democracy stretched beyond recognition, with the rise of nationalist parties and independent journalism under threat, our screenings and events offer a welcome opportunity to celebrate our common humanity and our ability – individual and collective – to bring about a kinder, fairer, more sustainable world.

Take a seat.
Take a stand.

“Want to change the world but not sure where to start? This festival will rouse you into action.” - The Guardian

£5.50 TICKETS Under 25s can get tickets for £5.50 for all screenings (with valid I.D.)

LOOK, NO ADS: Take One Action is an ad-free festival thanks to support from our audiences. If you want to help us stick to what matters, and grow our work across Scotland, you can donate too. Visit Please take your seats in the cinema at the advertised start time

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Kinshasa Makambo + Short

Dieudo Hamadi

75 mins

Naila and the Uprising + Short

Julia Bacha


76 mins


Anjali Nayar, Hawa Essuman


80 mins

Strike a Rock

Aliki Saragas


87 mins

The Cloud Forest + Short

Mónica Álvarez Franco

94 mins

The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid

Feargal Ward


77 mins


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