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Written on the Body

Part of the Over the Rainbow Season


For Scotland’s LGBT History Month, we present a special programme of short films that have premiered at Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Through the dynamic combination of performance, politics and sensuality, these films explore the queer body as a subversive space of transformation, liberation and reinvention. Playfully exploding regressive cultural expectations relating to gender, sexuality and self- expression, conventional language and binaries around identity are radically upturned in order to celebrate the ways that queer bodies and minds are reimagining the possibilities of personal landscapes.

The screening will be introduced by Edinburgh International Film Festival Shorts Programmer Lydia Beilby.

The Lamps Shelly Silver • USA 2015 • 4m • Digital

In the early 1900's, pioneering artist and public provocateur, Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhovem, breached the threshold of a secret room teeming with ancient erotic objects from Pompeii.

Spermwhore Anna Linder • Sweden 2016 • 12m • Digital • Swedish with English subtitles

Through a performative process, Linder generates a purposefully ambiguous, flexible space of liberation, within which the cultural expectations of gender, sexual roles and family formations are re-imagined.

Man Maja Borg • Sweden/UK 2016 • 13m • Digital

Situating the body as a site for experimentation, Borg contorts, challenges and confronts with her physicality. These subversions centralise the elasticity of gender and petition for a reassesment of the language around identity.

L’Oiseau de la Nuit (O Pássaro da Noite) Marie Losier • Portugal/France 2015 • 20m • Digital • Portuguese with English subtitles

Elegantly interwoven vignettes of an identity in constant flux, create a dynamic, mosaic evocation of legendary drag artist Deborah Krystal, performing her manifold versions of self.

The Colour of His Hair Sam Ashby • UK 2017 • 23m • Digital

A powerful meditation upon queer identity and defiance, examined through a patchwork of re-appropriated archive materials. Re-staging excerpts from an unmade film script, the work asks how we can commemorate queer voices lost or obscured by heteronormative history?

Mamihlapinatapai Joanne Mony Park • USA 2014 • 10m • Digital • English and French with English subtitles

Mony-Park eloquently speaks to the uncertainty and fragility of attraction and intimacy, deciphering these themes through a combination of movement, sound and subtext.


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