Dead by Dawn 2017 full line-up announced!

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Wed 22 Mar 2017

Dead by Dawn 2017 full line-up announced!

Hello lovely people!

We’re totally psyched about this year’s festival with its amazing line-up and even happier that it’s now time to unleash it on the world! Dead by Dawn returns to Filmhouse for its 24th edition from April 20-23 2017.

If you don’t already have your Pass, here’s a lot of very good reasons to buy one! They’re on sale now for the fantastic price of just £75 and guarantee you entry to every screening.

If you’d rather cherry-pick your films, individual tickets for all films will be on sale on Tuesday 28 March.

So...ready for the great news?

The festival kicks off with the UK Premiere of THE EVIL WITHIN, directed by Andrew Getty and starring Michael Berryman. It’s a wild ride, nothing quite like an evil mirror to mess with your mind!

We follow that up with the first of seven (seven!) short film programmes, this one called LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER where a teacher dares to abandon the curriculum, a nerd figures out how to be one of the cool kids, a teenager in love works around her territorial mother and skipping school turns out to have consequences...

Our late night movie on this opening night is Argento’s PHENOMENA, courtesy of those good people at Arrow Films. It’s about to be released by them on blu-ray and we’re thrilled to be able to put their 4k restoration print up on the big screen first!

Friday starts with our WHAT YOU MAKE IT short film programme which is for shorts that aren’t horror films, but are definitely horror stories. Body dump gets a whole new meaning, suburbia gets a ton weirder, a monster teaches a little boy to be less afraid of death, animal cruelty doesn't go unpunished and there’s two wildly different perspectives on what it takes to play a corpse.

Our matinee is Lorcan Finnegan’s haunting WITHOUT NAME, preceded by his beautiful short film Foxes.

The early evening has our HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE short film programme where an ancient evil isn’t the worst thing at a gatecrashed dinner party, it’s hard to be a kid in a pristine house, all-American kids get stuck in a cliché loop and a quiet guy is a teeny bit rattled when a satan-worshipping sex cult moves in next door.

Our main evening show is the UK Premiere of Mitchell Altieri’s THE NIGHT WATCHMEN so coulrophobes beware, there’s a big-ass clown and buckets of warm arterial spray coming your way...

Our late night double is given over entirely to the talents of David Cronenberg as we screen both THE DEAD ZONE and SCANNERS.

Saturday starts with the first dose of Vincent Price in Jim Clark’s MADHOUSE. He stars alongside Peter Cushing. And Michael Parkinson.

Our afternoon matinee is our THE END IS NIGH short film programme where a heatwave pushes one artist to meet another, a sweet girl will dance with you when things are bleakest, the shadows look back at you in this farmhouse, the grim reaper has designs on your vintage sofa and a masked assailant does his damndest to chase a girl through a dark forest.

The early evening show is Sophia Takal’s tour de force psychodrama ALWAYS SHINE, fresh from winning awards at Tribeca and Boston IFF. This screening is hosted by Monster Fest director and Dead by Dawn favourite Kier-la Janisse.

Once you come back from dinner it’ll be time for our NOW WASH YOUR HANDS Short Film Programme which you’ll be so glad you didn’t see before you ate. Unrequited love is played out between an abbatoir and a brothel, a teenage girl gives herself to her boyfriend and is surprised at what she gets in return, a jogger swallows a bug that refuses to die and a dose of strep inspires the arrogant worms!

Our main evening show is the UK Premiere of Daniel Falicki’s brilliant ACCIDENTAL EXORCIST. We’re delighted that Daniel will be at the festival and hosting a Q&A after the screening.

Our late show is a midnight Double Dekker as we screen both HOUSE (written by Fred) and THE MONSTER SQUAD (directed by Fred). Fred has kindly taken a little time off from shooting the new Predator movie to record introductions for both films.

Sunday means it’s time for your second dose of Vincent Price as we screen Gordon Hessler’s SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN where he stars alongside Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. And Peter Sallis.

The matinee show is our 2D & DERANGED Short Film Programme showcasing some extraordinary, beautiful and surprising animation. We take a journey into a Miltonesque world of monsters, mad scientists and warpigs, there’s some untrustworthy maternal advice, action is taken against a totalitarian insect regime, frogs take full advantage of a pool party and there’s a fight for survival that may stop you using wire cutters ever again.

In the early evening we’ll DIG TWO GRAVES with the UK Premiere of Hunter Adams’ exquisite gothic thriller. Prepare to be utterly captivated by this beautiful, melancholy, predatory movie.

Our IT'S OVER, ROVER Short Film Programme is absolutely guaranteed to make you feel sorry for some very unfortunate animals. One man’s fishing expeditions finally yields the big catch, a little girl witnesses a terrible crime, a couple’s kindness thrives in the
 face of an entire menagerie of misfortune and one cat fits nine lifetimes of adventure into one very surprising existence.

Kelton Jones’ mind-blowing DRY BLOOD gets it’s Scottish Premiere in the main evening – it is, truly, jaw-dropping, and before you can recover it’ll be time for our closing movie, the Scottish Premiere of Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski's THE VOID which will
 meet all your tentacle, cult, ancient demonic entity needs!

Don’t forget our legendary Shit Film Amnesty, Punk Pass the Parcel and late licence!

See you all in April,


The full schedule:

2030 - THE EVIL WITHIN (UK Premiere)
2245 - Lamb to the Slaughter Short Film Programme

1200 - What You Make It Short Film Programme
1400 - Foxes + WITHOUT NAME
1645 - Hell Is Other People Short Film Programme
1945 - THE NIGHT WATCHMEN (UK Premiere)
2200 - Cronenberg Double Bill THE DEAD ZONE + SCANNERS

1445 - The End Is Nigh Short Film Programme
1645 - ALWAYS SHINE (Special Preview)
2000 - Now Wash Your Hands Short Film Programme
2130 - ACCIDENTAL EXORCIST + Q&A with director Daniel Falicki (UK Premiere)

1530 - 2D & Deranged Short Film Programme
1700 - DIG TWO GRAVES (UK Premiere)
2000 - It’s Over, Rover, Short Film Programme
2130 - DRY BLOOD (Scottish Premiere)
2330 - Closing Ceremony
0000 - THE VOID (Scottish Premiere)

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